Item 49

Price Realized:  $85
U-2889 Stockardt & Schmidt “Bunny” Style
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Item: 49  Description: U-2889 Stockhardt & Schmidt. This type is affectionately called the “bunny style” due to those “floppy ears”. It’s a very large insulator measuring nearly ten inches tall by six inches wide, and weighing 13 pounds. The insulator has a threaded, metal insert in the base as shown in View 4. View 3 shows the marking, indicating it was made by Stockhardt & Schmidt-Eckert in Kronach, Bavaria from the mid-70’s to 1989. This one is dated 01/84. Our consignor says this style was subject to flash-overs leading to the insulators being replaced. This example, however, doesn’t show evidence of a flash-over as the consignor says he didn’t bring the burnt ones home. View 5 shows a discontinued pole lying in the snow with three of these insulators on it.  Grade A-Minus with only minor wear.
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $75
Price Realized:  $85