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Price Realized:  $2,550
CD 203.2 Armstrong Off Clear
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Item:Description: CD 203.2 Armstrong (010) Off Clear. Here’s an exceptionally rare transposition that was patented by Elmer Bonnesen in 1956, a very late date for a telephone insulator design. Perhaps that’s why so few were made. The patent drawings are pictured in View 5. Note that a “skirt” of “non-vitreous material” was intended to be affixed between the top and middle wire groove to provide a longer leakage path between line wires. View 3 and View 4 were taken in bright sunshine (thus the shadow).  Grade A-Minus: A couple teeny nibbles inside the base; some light surface wear.
Estimate: $3,000 - $3,500  Open: $750
Price Realized:  $2,550