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Price realized:  $1,450
CD 206 “CASTLE” Light Straw in SUPERB Condition
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Item:Description: CD 206 No Embossing – “CASTLE” (020) Light Straw in SUPERB CONDITION. I’ve studied those turrets over with a magnifying glass and any & all dips, wrinkles, or rounded corners in the glass appear to have been made that way. The “eye” in the skirt in View 2 is a bubble. There are some natural & tiny indentions in the base & drip points caused the insulator resting on wires in the cooling rack. View 3 looks down on the turrets; and View 4 is a side view of turrets. Looking for one of the best of its type, THIS IS IT!  Grade A .
Estimate: $1,250 - $1,500  Open: $750
Price realized:  $1,450