Item 19

Price Realized:  $700
CD 258  Cable Teal Aqua, Amber Swirls & NAIL IN GLASS
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Item: 19  Description: CD 258 Cable (005) Teal Aqua with Amber Swirls and NAIL IN GLASS! Want a “helmet” that’s totally unique? This piece has a one-inch long nail in the glass near the base. It would be special anyway. The teal-aqua color of the glass is enhanced by the amber streaks in the body and, especially, in the ears. Condition-wise it’s a nearly perfect  Grade A-Minus with a faint dome ping. You might collect for your entire life and not find another CD 258 with a nail in the glass, and with such great color, character and condition.
Estimate: $700 - $900  Open: $550
Price Realized:  $700