Item 18

Price Realized:  $55
CD 164  H.G. CO. Snowy Blue Aqua
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Item: 18  Description: CD 164 H.G. CO. (030) Snowy Blue Aqua with Embossing Irregularities. “Snow” in the glass isn’t found near as often in H.G. CO. insulators as compared to Brookfields. The glass in this one is heavily dotted with little white flecks on potstones. The pictures in View 5 & View 6 are taken with under-lighting to give another perspective to the volume of snowy particles. View 3 shows the embossing. Note that the Letters E, I, C, O and A are larger than the other letters. And the “I” is squeezed in next to the “C”, almost like it was an after-thought. View 4 shows the base.  Grade B-Plus: Three tiny flakes around the edge of the base; an open bubble on the tip of one drip point; a miniscule open bubble on the inner skirt.
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $45
Price Realized:  $55