Item 87

Price Realized:  $330
CD 283 Converse Provo Excellent Condition
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Item: 87  Description: CD 283 V.G. Converse / “Provo Type” (010) Hemingray Blue. The photos are taken outdoors in bright sunlight. View 2 shows the Converse name. While Converse Provo’s are much scarcer than ones with the Hemingray name on them, this insulator is special for its  Grade A condition . All 84 drip points are perfect. There’s the teeniest of a flake on the middle skirt and some nibbles on overpoured glass around the base. In my opinion, all that was caused by removal of the insulator from the mold. An absolutely outstanding insulator!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $75
Price Realized:  $330