Item 81

Price Realized:  $45
CD 134 W.F.G. Light Blue
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Item: 81  Description: CD 134 W.F.G. (010) Light Blue. The bluish color has hues of delft as well as light cornflower. I’ll just call it “light blue”. In View 1, at the far right of the dome, there’s ghost embossing of the letters “G CO / ER, COLO”. In View 2, note the nearly two-inch long bubble in the wire shoulder.  Grade B: Small open bubble with related flaking on base at front. Wire shoulder flake visible at far right of View 2. The insulator has numerous, natural, annealing separations in the threads. In summary, while crudely formed, this insulator has good color and great character.
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $35
Price Realized:  $45