Item 7

Price Realized:  $250
CD 145  H.G. CO. Teal
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Item:Description: CD 145 H.G. CO. (130) Teal. Nice dark teal color… not sure if it should be called teal green or teal blue. Just “teal” will work. Boldly embossed where few others have gone. Large letters that stand out from the body of the insulator like few other HG beehives you’ll ever see. Note in View 1 & View 2 that the dome is tweaked sideways a bit. View 3 shows that the “E” is angled upwards compared to the other letters.  Grade B-Plus: Paper-thin flake near base visible in View 2; couple small scuffs on the dome also visible in View 2. Excellent color; great character; exceptional condition.
Estimate: $350 - $450  Open: $190
Price Realized:  $250