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CD 151  H G . CO Milky Aqua
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Item: 67  Description: CD 151 H.G. CO. (105 Embossing Variant). Milky Aqua. This insulator has a lot of character that may not be immediately obvious. Let me give you a tour. View 1: The embossing is similar to the (105) EIN with a blot out under the Patent Date. However, theres no period after the H or the G and only a period half-way between the G and the CO. Note the faint milky wisps behind the H G. View 2 is a side-view showing milk in the body of the insulator. View 3 is the reverse showing more milk. View 4 is the base showing more milk plus the drip points. Four are flaked or partially flaked and two on the inner skirt have open bubbles. View 5 is another look at the base. View 6 is a base-lit picture showing the milk in the skirt where it is strongest. View 7 is a base lit view of the dome, showing that the milk is present there, too.  Grade B-Plus .
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Price Realized:  $95