Item 65

Price Realized:  $70
CD 1080.4 Miniature Knob  Worlds Smallest Insulator
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Item: 65  Description: CD 1080.4 Miniature Knob. This is the smallest CD insulator style. This insulator is 5/8th of an inch tall by 5/8th of an inch wide and weighs a mere 1/10 of an ounce. View 2 compares it to a Canadian pony so you get an idea of just how small it is. View 3 shows this insulator in a line-up of minis with Item 66, Item 67 and Item 68. We asked our consignor in Belarus how they were used. He sent us the picture in View 4 that shows some porcelain ones. He says they were used in the Ural Mountains when indoor electricity was added to homes in the 1930s and 1940s.  Grade B-Plus for a tiny (obviously) flake off the top.
Estimate: $100 - $150  Open: $25
Price Realized:  $70