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Current bid:  $1,550
Cochrane Bell Suspension
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Item:Description: Cochrane Bell Suspension. This is an affordable set that displays very well. Two of the purple bells are in very fine condition; two bells have single chips on their inner skirt; one has two chips on its inner skirt; and the last one has a single chip on its inner skirt and flaking on the top (more than normal). NONE of the bells have chips on the outer skirt. The post is weathered and there are no gaskets. The photos are taken out-of-doors in bright sunshine with the Cochrane set resting on a white cloth. See all three views. This would be a good set to upgrade. You could start with Item 80 (a single bell), which was submitted by a different consignor.
Estimate: $1,500 - $2,000  Open: $950
Current bid:  $1,550