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“No Peers for 50 Years”
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Item: 407  Description: “No Peers for 50 Years”. Says so. Embossed right at the base of the bottle in View 1. Joseph Finch opened the Golden Wedding Whiskey Distillery near Pittsburg, PA in 1856. At the start of Prohibition, a man named Lewis Rosenstiel purchased 500-thousand gallons of Golden Wedding and proceeded to distribute it as medicine, and was… therefore… unaffected by the prohibition on the sale of alcoholic drinks. When Prohibition ended, Golden Wedding was positioned to dominate the whiskey market and became the country’s leading producer from 1934 – 1937. During WWII, however, GI’s dubbed it “Black Death” and its popularity waned. Golden Wedding was sold to Canadian interests in 1945 and is today known as a Canadian Blended Bourbon Whiskey. One website mentions the company applied for patents for a bottle design in the mid-1930’s, and I suspect that’s the age for this bottle. The base is embossed, “Pat Applied For”.  Grade A .
Estimate: $30 - $40  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $15