Item 402

Price Realized:  $100
CD 213 Hemingray Hemi-Blue Condition Rarity
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Item: 402  Description: CD 213 Hemingray (060) Hemingray Blue. Years ago, a collector asked me if I’d ever seen a CD 213 in perfect condition. I hadn’t paid attention until then, so I started looking. Always, it seems, there’s a flaked drip point or a ping or scratch or something. But here’s the exception… or, I should say, The Exceptional! Inspecting this with a 10 Power magnifying glass, I find that there’s a single drip point with it’s very tip flaked off. We’re talking a millimeter or so of glass. So, after years of looking, here’s the best I’ve found.  Grade A .
Estimate: $50 - $75  Open: $20
Price Realized:  $100