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Price realized:  $3,650
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Item:Description: NEW DISCOVERY: This is the most Exciting, Amazing, Spectacular & Surprising Insulator in this auction. No CD number has yet been assigned for this large unembossed insulator, which we understand is only the second example to arrive in the United States. It’s similar to a CD 637.7 but is LARGER at 5 3/4ths inches wide at the base and 8-and-an-eighth inches tall. That’s an inch taller and a half-inch wider. Also, the skirt tapers from the lower wire ridge to the base whereas the skirt is concave on the 637.7. The first five views show the insulator at different angles. View 6 puts the size in perspective by comparing it to a CD 257 “Mickey Mouse”. Too big to fit on a light box or display cabinet, the insulator was photographed out-of-doors on a partly cloudy day. The color is a greenish dark aqua with some amber swirls. The insulator has never been used but handling has resulted in some nibbles on the sharp tip of the right ear in View 1, and the sharp tip of the right ear in View 5. There are a few nibbles around the base, an open bubble on the lower wire ridge and another on the base.  Grade A-Minus . We've just learned that two more insulators similar to this one, but smaller, have arrived in the US and will be on display at the Yuma, AZ show this Saturday.
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $50
Price realized:  $3,650