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Price Realized:  $2,900
CD 126  Brookfield Mustard Green
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Item:Description: CD 126 Brookfield / Cauvetís (310) Mustard Green. There are four great reasons to own this insulator. First, the amazing color. View 1 is taken outside in sunlight with a white background and the sun in front. View 2 is taken towards the sun. View 3 and View 4 are photographed with fluorescent lighting. View 5 compares the color of this insulator with Item 5, a mustard yellow Diamond pony. Reason #2 is the condition.  Grade A-Minus with a teeny itty bitty base nick and an equally small dome nick. Reason #3 is the embossing. This piece has both the Cauvet name and the 1865 patent date. Remember, Louis Cauvet patented internal threads and Brookfield was the first company to employ that patent. Reason #4 is the character: Straw marks, fizz, bubbles, decent sized pot stone in the dome, and elongated bubble in the dome. This piece is a home run for your collection.
Estimate: $4,000 - $5,000  Open: $2,800
Price Realized:  $2,900