Item 39

Price Realized:  $370
CD 658 Isorex Spookiest “Spook”
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Item: 39  Description: CD 658 Isorex (France) “Spook”. Photographed with fluorescent back lighting, as in View 1 and View 2, you call tell that the color is dark (very dark) green. In natural light, as in View 3, the insulator looks black. Between that, and its size (5.75 inches tall), this “Spook” has an ominous look that is, well, spooky. Scroll between View 1 and View 2 and you’ll notice that our “spook” crooks its neck to get a better look at you. Ok, my imagination is starting to run away. Serious now, the name is on one side of the skirt and the number 282 is on the opposite side.  Grade A-Minus: A couple of small & faint wire ridge pings.
Estimate: $200 - $300  Open: $75
Price Realized:  $370