Item 361

Price Realized:  $15
CD 239  Kimble Oddity for Several Reasons
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Item: 361  Description: CD 239 Kimble (040) Straw with Treated Top. This one is an oddity for a number of reasons. It was put into service with a copper insert, which someone unfortunately removed but left some of the copper behind. View 2 shows some of the rainbow colors of the treated top. View 3 shows that the groove in the cable top has six diagonal cuts in the glass. View 4 is another view of the cuts. I donít think the carrier cable caused these cuts during usage, but I honestly donít know. There are no chips or flakes, but the insulator is ungraded due to the modifications that were made to it.
Estimate: $50 - $75  Open: $15
Price Realized:  $15