Item 360

Price Realized:  $340
CD 102  Diamond Midnight Blue - Teal 'Tweener
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Item: 360  Description: CD 102 Diamond (060) Midnight Blue - Teal 'Tweener. Beautiful color and a very clean insulator. There are some faint amber swirls in the skirt and in the dome, as shown in View 3. Note the nice straw marks in that view. Note: One person emailed to say the insulator looked more Teal than Midnight. Taking a second look, that's because the amber swirls affects the color when photographed. Standing alone in sunlight, but blue is stronger than the teal. But I'll call it a 'tweener.  Grade B-Plus: Several shallow and short wire-wear marks on the skirt and wire ridge visible in View 1. The insulator also has some faint annealing lines in the skirt.
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $220
Price Realized:  $340