Item 326

Price Realized:  $170
Composite Insulator & Hardware from Jack Tod
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Item: 326  Description: Composite Insulator with Trolley Line Hardware. The hardware says CLARK / PAT JAN 23 1906 / CLARK, and is embossed such on both sides. The patent refers to Walter Clark’s invention of an insulator clamp for the crown of multi-part insulators, used in this case on a Unipart composite insulator. While painted bronze, the hardware appears to be made of aluminum. The “carrier cable” is a black-painted wooden spindle. Marv Collins placed a note inside the insulator that reads, “Removed from large building put up in 1910 in Denison, Texas. Carried D.C. for power machinery. Obtained from Jack Todd (sic) 1968.”
Estimate: $30 - $40  Open: $15
Price Realized:  $170