Item 296

Price Realized:  $625
CD 162 H.G. CO Dark Purple
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Item: 296  Description: CD 162 H.G. CO. (070) Dark Purple. Note that this is not a royal purple, but a dark purple color that still lets a lot of light shine through. The embossing is a wonder on this one. Notice how the Patent line is squeezed up next to the name in View 1. It’s not a transition embossing, and there was plenty of room on the skirt, but the engraver still squeezed the two lines close together. Also note that “89” is dropped lower than the “1” and the “3”. And the “H” is a long way from the “G”. In View 2, the “AT” are separated from the other letters and the “A” looks like it could be embossed over some other letter. Also note the great “straw marks” on the dome and skirt. View 3 shows that a flake removes three drip points; but only one other drip is partially flaked. There’s a small open bubble in the wire groove.  Grade B for condition, but a solid “A” for character and color!
Estimate: $600 - $700  Open: $350
Price Realized:  $625