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Price realized:  $120
CD 145 Brookfield Green w/ Abundant Amber Swirls
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Item: 28  Description: CD 145 Brookfield (250) Green w/ Abundant Amber Swirls. If you have a back lit case, this will be the darling of your amber-swirled CREBs. View 3 shows the Shop Number… an upside down and backwards “2”. Lee Brewer emailed me that these were among the last CREB 145's made and produced on "the insulator industry's first ever fully automated insulator making machine first used on May 20 of 1889. All of the CREB CD's made by that machine say NEW YORK (spelled out) instead of having a street address."  Grade A-Minus for a light flash over that made it all the way to the pin. Also has a few natural annealing lines in the skirt and inner skirt.
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $100
Price realized:  $120