Item 27

Price Realized:  $260
CD 121  W.F.G. Lavender Fugitive
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Item: 27  Description: CD 121 W.F.G. (010) Fugitive Lavender. The color of this insulator is deceptive, changing in different lighting. There’s great clarity to the glass, so the color is always pastel… never a dark and flashy color. Just a light bluish color. Or is it a light purple color? Or… ??? This one hides in plain sight. You might miss it with a quick glance at a line up of WFG’s. That’d be your mistake. This is also a condition rarity for a W.F.G…. no damage and without the usual molding flaws. There are a few very, very light annealing lines in the dome… but they don’t distract at all from this handsome toll. Don’t let it escape your grasp!
Estimate: $350 - $450  Open: $150
Price Realized:  $260