Item 264

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Box Lot #64: Four Tolls w/ Interesting History
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Item: 264  Description: Box Lot 64. One C&P Tel and Three C.D.&P. Tel CD 121 tolls. The Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company was founded in the 1880’s to serve D.C., Virginia & Maryland. The Central District & Printing Telegraph Company was founded in the 1870’s by Captain Thomas B.A. David, who was the superintendent of Western Union for parts of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio. You may not know it, but you honor Captain David every time you answer your phone. It was Captain David & Thomas Edison who decided phone calls should be answered with “Hello”. Alexander Graham Bell wanted calls answered by saying, “Ahoy”. Over time, both companies were absorbed by larger conglomerates and today are part of the Verizon network. View 1) C&P Blue Aqua with faint amber in the dome. C.D.&P. (010) Aqua &  Grade A-Minus for natural open bubble on base. View 2: C.D.&P. (010) Light Aqua with Large Bubble open to the inside as can be seen just below the wire groove. C.D.&P. (010) Green Aqua &  Grade A . Your one bid is for all four.
Estimate: $40 - $50  Open: $20
Price realized:  $45