Item 25

Price Realized:  $165
Cooke’s Sleeve w/ Normal Glaze
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Item: 25  Description: Cooke’s Sleeve with typical color glaze.  Grade B for some surface wear. This is the FIRST insulator ever patented… in 1842… two years before Samuel Morse built the first telegraph line in the US. The Cooke & Wheatstone Telegraph Company of England built a line for the London & Blackwall Railway in 1840, burying the line underground. The insulated wire failed and, in 1842, Cooke received a patent for this above-ground insulator. The groove in the center is for a metal staple to hold the insulator to a post, and the telegraph wire was threaded through the insulator. In View 2 the insulator is tilted so you can see the flat backside. View 3 is an endwise look, showing how crudely formed these are. View 4 compares the color of this one with Item 24.
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $95
Price Realized:  $165