Item 23

Price Realized:  $310
CD 151 H G. CO. Aqua Milky Way
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Item: 23  Description: CD 151 H G. CO. (140 Variant) Aqua “Milky Way”. There are different estimates for how many stars are in the Milky Way. But the smallest number I found was 100-Billion. While I’m sure there’s not that many bubbles in this insulator, it looks like it wants to rival the Milky Way. I inverted the color in View 2 so the bubbles would show white. Note that in places the entire body of the insulator becomes white. View 4 and View 5 show the insulator in an under-lit display case. View 6 shows the base. The insulator is  Grade A-Plus ! Oh, the embossing varies in that there’s no period after the “H”. This very insulator sold in an Eagle Cap Collectibles auction in October 2020 for $750.
Estimate: $500 - $700  Open: $100
Price Realized:  $310