Item 222

Price Realized:  $110
U-675 ? Fred M Locke Puzzle
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Item: 222  Description: U-670A or U-675? Fred M Locke Tan Colored. Taller than a U-670A; shorter than a U-675; and this insulator is Glaze Welded! See View 4. On top of that, this has the 1-10 Marking, which isnít listed in the Value Guide for either U-number. And the marking is upside down. See the close up in View 3. Additionally, the insulator was formed out of round. I propose that itís a poorly crafted U-675 Glaze Weld.  Grade B for chipping shown in View 4.
Estimate: $120 - $150  Open: $60
Price Realized:  $110