Item 22

Price Realized:  $1,000
CD 154 Min Com Cuba Embossed Upside Down
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Item: 22  Description: CD 154 Min Com Cuba Dark Straw. Hold Onto Your Hats, Folks! Here’s an insulator very few people have ever seen. A Min Com Cuba that’s embossed UPSIDE DOWN. See View 2 and View 3. Even the embossing on the reverse, “H42”, is embossed upside down. View 4. For added character, the insulator is under poured on the base and inner skirt. See View 5. Topping it off is the  Grade A-Minus condition with only a tiny wire ridge nick. Note: An insert was cemented into the pin hole. The insert was removed but there's still cement in the pin hole.
Estimate: $400 - $600  Open: $150
Price Realized:  $1,000