Item 206

Price Realized:  $480
CD 125  W. U. Dark Sapphire Blue
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Item: 206  Description: CD 125 W.U. / PAT APP FOR (010) Dark Sapphire Blue. View 3 and View 4 compare the color of this insulator, on left, with Item 44 in Brooke’s Blue. Note how much more intense the color is on this example. Also note that this one is taller… and has a nice milky streak. The W.U. is faintly embossed above the number “5” in View 2 and View 4 and does not show in the photos.  Grade B: Upper wire ridge chip and lower wire ridge flake visible in View 1. Also has a small base flake. Dark Sapphire is not listed for this EIN, but the PAT APP FOR (only) embossing values that color at $1,000 to $1,250 for a near mint example.
Estimate: $400 - $600  Open: $150
Price Realized:  $480