Item 195

Price realized:  $65
CD 145 Blue Pennycuick Embedded with “Diamonds”
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Item: 195  Description: CD 145 No Embossing (030) (Pennycuick style) Blue with Embedded “Diamonds”. The dark spot in View 1 is actually a glob of white “milk” that has three crystalline stones in it. Two of them show pretty good in View 3 looking like pearls resting in a bed of cotton. The stones are clear but they can’t be diamonds as they would have burned up (being made of carbon). Perhaps they are quartz crystals. There are a couple nice bubbles showing in View 2. If you’d like an insulator that’s unique from all others…. This is it!  Grade B-Plus: Couple small nibbles / flakes on base visible at far right in View 2; small, natural, potstone bruise on lower wire shoulder visible below the blob in View 1.
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $30
Price realized:  $65