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U-1364A Varley’s Patent Early Day Insulator
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Item: 185  Description: U-1364A Varley’s Patent (United Kingdom). View 2 shows the incuse marking on the dome. C.F. Varley was an engineer who worked on early British telegraph systems. His late 1860’s insulator patent was widely used and considered quite successful. The “inner skirt” is separately insulated and cemented into the outer insulator. Read more about this insulator on the NIA’s website for foreign porcelain insulators under this U-number. The flake at the base of this example is glazed over, so the “damage” happened at the factory. The glaze is worn on the dome and skirt from decades of exposure to the weather.  Grade B-Plus .
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $75
Price Realized:  $120