Item 174

Price Realized:  $30
CD 101 Brookfield Blue Hail Storm
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Item: 174  Description: CD 101 Brookfield (110) (Slug Embossing) Hail Stone Blue. White potstones are scattered in this insulator like hailstones in a summer thunder storm. Because the potstones donít let light through and look black when photographed, I inverted the colors in View 3 so they show up white.  Grade C: Thereís the typical flaking on that sharp upper wire ridge; but this one  grades C for an impact bruise in the skirt to the right of the D. Thereís a potstone bruise on the skirt at the left seam line. Both are off to the side from normal viewing.
Estimate: $30 - $40  Open: $15
Price Realized:  $30