Item 17

Price Realized:  $260
CD 133  H.G. CO. Milky Lime Green
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Item: 17  Description: CD 133 H.G. CO. (070) Milky Lime Green (with additional amber swirl). View 1 and View 2 show the insulator with fluorescent back lighting. View 3 and View 4 are with bottom lighting. View 5 shows the base. View 2 shows the light amber swirl. Above the “T” in View 2 is a short “fracture” that extends into the wire groove. This appears to be a heavy annealing line as there is no impact mark and the line doesn’t reach the surface of the glass. One flaked drip point and some light wear on a couple others. Small area of wear on wire ridge visible in View 2 along with a shallow annealing line in the dome. Overall:  Grade B .
Estimate: $300 - $350  Open: $250
Price Realized:  $260