Item 150

Price Realized:  $460
CD 162 Hemingray Fizzy Dark Cobalt Blue
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Item: 150  Description: CD 162 Hemingray (240) Fizzy Dark Cobalt Blue. Beautiful color. In View 4 the insulator is illuminated with a LED flashlight to show off the abundant fizz. To give even further emphasis, I went wild and inverted the colors in View 5 so that the tiny bubbles appear like… well… like speckles of cinnamon. This insulator also has an anomaly. Note in View 3 that roughly half the drip points are round and half are sharp. Oh, and none of them are damaged. There are a couple thin flakes and nibbles on that sharp wire ridge.  Grade B-Plus .
Estimate: $350 - $400  Open: $220
Price Realized:  $460