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Price Realized:  $130
CD 162.7 “Donut en Cupula”
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Item: 144  Description: CD 162.7 Sin Relieve (Mexico) (010) “Donut en Cupula”. No es una dona real, sino una burbuja con forma de dona. Look close at the dome in this Mexican signal. Notice the bubble at the top. It is as wide as the dome but floats ABOVE the top of the pin hole. Check out View 1, View 2 & View 3. Now, in View 4, we’re looking down at the dome. The bubble is the clear “donut” shaped area with the aqua hole in the center revealing the top of the pin hole. This is one of the most interesting bubbles I’ve ever seen in an insulator. View 5 shows the base with an under poured inner skirt. There’s one flaked drip point; a flea bite and a faint bruise on the dome; and another flea bite on the wire ridge.  Grade B-Plus .
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $130