Item 142

Price realized:  $410
CD 162 H.G. CO. Weird Sapphire-Peacock Blue
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Item: 142  Description: CD 162 H.G. CO. (070) Sapphire-Peacock. The consignor of this insulator called the color “Weird Blue”. View 3 compares the color of this insulator (on the left) with a typical Peacock Blue H.G. CO. signal (albeit with milky swirls). You can see that the core of this one is a more intense blue while the thinner glass is more peacock. This one will add some variety to your color lineup.  Grade C-Minus: The only missing glass is one flaked drip point (View 4) and a tiny dome ping. But there are several fractures in the dome. There is no impact mark so the damage likely resulted from internal pressure (i.e. wet pin swelling up).
Estimate: $200 - $300  Open: $95
Price realized:  $410