Item 122

Price realized:  $40
CD 145 H.C. CO. Spelling Miscue in Milky Blue Aqua
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Item: 122  Description: CD 145 H.C. CO. (140 - Variant) Milky Blue Aqua. The embossing is crudely formed and the G looks like a C making it an H.C. CO. There is light milk spilled throughout the skirt of the insulator, with a smaller amount above the wire groove. The Shop Letter is weak but appears to be a backwards N. View 3 is taken in a bottom lit display case.  Grade B-Plus: Small ping on upper wire ridge; couple tiny dome dings and a spot of wire wear on top the dome (visible in View 1).
Estimate: $100 - $120  Open: $40
Price realized:  $40