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Price Realized:  $775
CD 158.2  Boston Bottle Light Blue
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Item: 12  Description: CD 158.2 Boston Bottle (020) Light Blue. Embossed on the inner skirt, this one has four-segmented threads. See View 3. It is believed that insulators with segmented threads were made to replace threadless insulators on threadless pins. The segmented sections cut threads onto those pins as the Boston insulator was screwed into place. The flat sides of the crown allowed a wooden wrench to apply the force needed. This insulator may well have been used for that purpose, as there are small flakes on the start of two of the segmented threads. The exterior of the insulator is in really good condition, with only some minor wear on the wire ridges. There are a half-dozen base flakes as visible in View 3 and View 4. But they may have been caused at the factory, as the base was ground down apparently to remove excess glass. Overall…  Grade B .
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,250  Open: $750
Price Realized:  $775