Item 117

Price Realized:  $170
CD 162 Brookfield Banyan Roots
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Item: 117  Description: CD 162 Brookfield (230) Banyan Roots! Milky stringers creep down from the dome like roots looking for soil in a tropical jungle. The dark spot above the “R” is a potstone. The streaks on the front are really milky white, but block the light and look black in the photo. In View 3 I inverted the colors so you can see the milky color better. The reverse lacks these characteristics, but features some light amber swirls.  Grade B: Two small wire ridge flakes visible in View 2. Insignificant nibbles on sharp inside edge of base as is typical for MLOB’s.
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $30
Price Realized:  $170