Item 11

Price Realized:  $2,575
CD 735  Tillotson Tealish Aqua
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Item: 11  Description: CD 735 Tillotson (020) Tealish Aqua.  Grade B-Plus: Nibbles around base and inside-edge of base; one flat base flake; small dome nick visible in View 1. The Tillotson embossing is weak due to “whittle marks”. View 3 shows the base. View 4 compares the color of this insulator with the teal-aqua CD 211. View 5 compares its color to a blue-aqua Hemingray. Outstanding piece of history coming from the Collins Line in British Columbia as part of Western Union’s failed attempt to connect North America with Europe via B.C., Alaska & Siberia.
Estimate: $2,750 - $3,000  Open: $2,500
Price Realized:  $2,575