Item 10

Price Realized:  $1,250
CD 123  E.C&M Light Aurora Blue
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Item: 10  Description: CD 123 E.C&M (030) (B-Mold). Light Aurora Blue. This is a short insulator as you can see in View 4 where it is compared to Item 41. Measured with a Stanley tape measure, this one is 3-and-17/32nds tall. View 3 shows the base with flaking typical for EC&M’s. There’s a short annealing line in the dome as visible in View 1. Those “faults” are all factory made. There simply is no damage from usage! Still, because of the “natural” base flaking, I’ll give it a  Grade B-Plus rating.
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,200  Open: $700
Price Realized:  $1,250