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Price Realized:  $3,000
Fletcher’s Insulated Iron Pin
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Item:Description: Fletcher’s Insulated Iron Pin. This remarkable insulator was patented and sold by the Fletcher Manufacturing Company of Dayton, Ohio. It measures 9.75 inches tall. The glass is 2.75 inches in diameter. Overall, the insulator weighs 4.5 pounds. The cover of Fletcher’s 1902 catalog is shown in View 5. The illustration of this item in that catalog can be seen in View 6. (The catalog itself it NOT included in this auction.) The two halves of the glass have flanges around the edges on both sides to help hold the pieces in place, and there are some flakes as visible in the View 2 and View 4 close-ups. Only six examples are reported in the hobby. My source says there were found in a barn in New York by a person who sold them in Florida where he lives part of the year. Collectors suspect these might have been used in a trolley system.
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $45
Price Realized:  $3,000