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Welcome to Our June 2021 Auction

Auction opens: Monday, June 7, 2021 at 7:00 AM eastern (4:00 AM pacific)
Auction closed: Sunday, June 13, 2021 at 10:00 PM eastern (7:00 PM pacific)
Welcome to Auction #40
This is our 40th auction with Bill Meier as our webmaster! Bill performs a lot of duties for our hobby between …. ICON … and auction services. Please make sure to thank both him and Jill the next time you see them.
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28 people consigned items for this auction with a total of more than 500 lots. There are nearly 1,100 photographs attached to this auction. It features some rare & classic insulators… an only-known example of an LRI… radio strains… foreign glass and porcelain… various books and publications… postage stamps… and even a brick from Southern Porcelain Co. Bidding on some items start as low as a buck. We try to provide “something for everyone”!

There is also something very special going on with this auction. We are honoring collector Bud Johnson of Scottsdale, AZ. Bud consigned foreign insulators to us for nearly a decade before he passed away this past winter. This is the first of two auctions in which we identify items that were in Bud’s personal collection. If Bud owned the item, then the header line ends with his initials in parentheses as follows: (BJ).

Although somewhat of a quiet collector, Bud formed one of the largest collections of foreign insulators to be found anywhere. He was highly respected by collectors who knew him; and is highly honored among his family. Here are some remembrances from his daughter, Lisa:

"There was a time in the 70’s that my dad realized there were insulators on inactive poles in the Grand Canyon from Phantom Ranch up to Indian Gardens. He invited my friend, Sandy, and I to go to Las Vegas for the insulator convention but didn’t really mention that there was a hike down the Grand Canyon included. We were 15 or so at the time. It turns out he wasn’t able to get a permit to camp down in the canyon so his solution was to start hiking at dusk and never really camp anywhere. The three of us started down the canyon as the sun was setting and hiked in the dark and the moonlight down the South Kaibab trail. As it got dark, our eyes adjusted and we hiked pretty much the entire way without a flashlight. Every once in awhile, we’d have to shine a light to make sure what was in front of us but for the most part, we hiked down the canyon in the dark. Not many people can say that!

"I remember that as we stood on the suspension bridge over the Colorado river at the bottom, I saw little lights shining in the smooth, dark water. It took a minute to realize that it was so dark that what we were seeing was the reflection of the stars! By then Sandy and I were pretty tired and wanted to get some sleep so we found a softish patch of dirt and put our heads on a flat rock for a pillow. Dad had gone on ahead of us and once we’d slept a bit and the sun started rising, we started up the trail to catch up with him. By the time we found him, he’d managed to collect the insulators he wanted and off we went up the Bright Angel trail and on to Las Vegas. "My dad was forever coming up with adventures to go on and what we called his “hidden agendas”. He may say we were going on a picnic but not really mention that the picnic was a 6 mile hike in to the Superstitions. Or that a Sunday drive involved a hundred mile round trip to go see if there were any insulators to be found. He was always the optimist and even these last few years when he struggled with his health, he was so positive and worked so hard to get well and back on the trail."

Back to the business side of things, Eagle Cap Collectibles no longer offers a layaway option. Winning bidders have 30 days to pay for their purchases. Please do not bid on anything you can’t pay for by July 14th. We charge a 3% Buyer’s Premium to cover administrative expenses such as paying the webmaster, and supplies like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, tape, ink, paper, etc.

Thank you for taking a look at our 40th auction. It starts with a “First Fifty” items… but that’s literally only the beginning of great stuff.

Howard & Linda Banks
Redmond, OR