Auction Status: Closed

Welcome to the Eagle Cap Collectibles Winter 2019 Auction

Auction closed on Sunday, January 20th, 2019 at 10:00 PM eastern (7:00 PM pacific)
Welcome to our Winter Auction. We offer 322 auction lots of, primarily, insulators and insulator reference material. There are a substantial number of foreign insulators and this might be a good opportunity to expand your collecting interests into worldwide CD styles and colors. While the first 31 items are "showcase" pieces, there are great insulators throughout the auction. One of them... Item 140.... is perhaps the most unusual insulator we've ever offered for sale. It's a Russian piece... a CD 565.1.

We believe that insulator collecting should be a fun hobby, and we invite you to view the auction with that in mind!

We do have some important announcements to make:

1) Starting with this auction, Eagle Cap Collectibles will charge a 3% Buyers Premium. The purpose is to cover our administrative expenses. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like a detailed explanation.

2) If you are going to attend the Yuma, Arizona Tailgater on February 2nd, let us know and we can deliver your purchases at the event and thereby save you the expense of postage and insurance.

3) Linda and I will be away from home from January 29th through March 25th. If we do not receive your payment by Monday, January 28th, we won't be able to mail your purchase until the end of March! However, if you let us know your payment will be made after January 28th, we can take your package with us and ship it once your payment catches up with us. So please communicate with us if you cannot make your payment in the first few days after the auction ends. Thank you.

4) 23 of the auction lots are fund-raising items for Crown Jewels magazine. Either they were duplicates to items offered in the December auction, or they were inadvertently omitted from that auction. It you'd like to know which lots those are, please contact us.

Thank you for checking out the auction. We hope to see you at a show or swap meet down the road.

Howard & Linda Banks

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